Bitcoin Trades - Terms and conditions
Please read the following terms of service before listing any items you wish to sell.
In using Bitcoin Trades, services, you ensure that you have read and are fully aware of the following terms of service.
Bitcoin Trades does not condone illegal trading or criminal activity of any kind. Any users found in breach of this will have their Bitcoin Trades account suspended indefinitely along with any due payments aquired through such criminal activity, and you may be reported to the authorities.
Bitcoin Trades is not responsible for any loss of Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency or any other form of payment used in trading with other Bitcoin Trades users.
You accept that even though Bitcoin Trades aims to build a free, fair and open marketplace, we cannot be held accountable and do not insure against any instance of user fraud, such as but not limited to the purchase of faulty, damaged or broken items, fake item listings and fake user information etc.
You accept that for your own security, Bitcoin Trades does not condone any large transactions between Bitcoin Trades users that do not possess long term positive feedback.
You accept and understand that all Cryptocurrency transactions which are handled securely between Bitcoin Trades and by our third party Cryptocurrency payment handler may in an unlikey event become compromised, and that Bitcoin Trades cannot be held responsible for any malicious attacks of this nature.
Bitcoin Trades cannot be held responsible for any misinformation provided by its users leading to or resulting in any loss of Cryptocurrency. It is the sole responsibility of all Bitcoin Trades users to confirm that all wallet addresses are accurate, as any loss of Cryptocurrency will not be refunded.
Bitcoin Trades reserves the right to edit and/or change its terms and conditions at any time.
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