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Bitcoin Trades is an innovative, free and open marketplace that offers total privacy and anonymity for buyers and sellers alike.
Bitcoin Trades is the easiest way to earn or spend Bitcoins online! Whether your buying or selling, anyone can browse the Bitcoin Trades listings and purchase items instantly at the press of a button! Once Bitcoin payments are confirmed, we contact our buyers and sellers with all the necessary information they need to complete their transaction.
Bitcoin Trades users can build their reputation as trusted sellers by gaining positive feedback over time. Whenever a sale is made, buyers are sent a private link that allows them to rate and comment each individual transaction. We hope these features give all of our users the incentive to trade fair and respectfully.
Getting started couldn't be easier! All that is required is an email address to notify you of sales, and a Bitcoin wallet address so that you can receive your Bitcoin payments. It really is that simple. It's free to list your items at Bitcoin Trades! No sign up or membership fees, and no hidden expences.
We only ever charge our sellers a one-off sale fee of 2.5% commision. If your items do not sell, you pay nothing! So what is there to lose? Start trading at Bitcoin Trades now! Register here.
Bitcoin Trades does not condone illegal trading of any kind. It is important that our users read our terms of service before listing any items they wish to sell. Please contact us before proceeding to list any items you wish to trade that could be deemed legally questianable.
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