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Getting your Bitcoin Trades account verified is not manditory, but the process couldn't be easier! Continue reading to find out how it could help your customers.
As you know, Bitcoins haven't been around for very long, but in the time that they have been in use, they have received a lot of bad publicity, which is why it may be important for us to help build a strong level of confidence with our customers.
Some of you will already know that Bitcoin Trades has implemented a special customer feedback system that allows nonmembers to rate our sellers and leave their opinions based on any purchases that they have made.
In some cases sellers may already have positive feedback, but this alone may not be enough to give potential customers the reassurance they need to make a purchase, especially if that purchase contains a large or expencive order.
We feel that the best way to offer our customers this reassurance would be to give our sellers the oppertunity to verify their Bitcoin Trades accounts in just a few easy steps.
To verify your account, we will need you to provide us with at least two forms of identification that are clearly legible and of high resolution. One must be a form of photo ID, such as a copy of your passport, drivers licence or national ID card. The other form of ID must be a proof of address, such as a household bill that is addressed to you.
Members can apply for account verification here: Verify, or through the settings page. Members must login to do so.
After verification is complete, your "Verified Seller" badge will become publicly visible on your profile as well as any items that you have listed for sale.
Important! Please be aware that it is maditory that verified sellers provide postal tracking codes for items that are sold where shipping is applicable, otherwise Bitcoin Trades may be forced to put a temporary hold on your coins until any shipped items have been received by the buyer.
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